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Find out more about the services we can provide. Choose one that fits you the most. We are waiting for your visit at any time of the day.
Individual Therapy

Each of us has a lot of troubles, and the psycologist is a true way to solve them. Pick the individual therapy that gives you a better effect.

Group Therapy

This kind of services suits people who need to share the feelings and thoughts with others. We create the groups of 5-9 people where every member will find aid.

Marital/Couples Therapy

Relationships are difficult, so it’s easier to solve all the problems via the professional and bring reduce conflicts by solving them.

Art Therapy

Art is a great method of therapy. We offer you different spheres of art. You can choose painting, singing, or propose your favorite type of art.

Depression & Anxiety

Depression is highly widespread today, and we'll help you conquer this disease. Be sure we will find the way to the previous and happy life.

Career Guidance

Don’t know who you want to be in the future? So here we are! We offer you loads of tests and methods that will define the suitable job for you.

Phone Therapy

There is no opportunity to come to the therapist? Call us and get the consultation on the phone. It’s easy, quick and effective.

Monthly email Therapy

New therapy for you! receive the brand-new emails every month with the pack of advice and offers. Be digital with us and healthy.

Approaches to Therapy

Each of our employees is professional, so we try to gather a great variety of approaches to therapy. We are sure that some of them will fit you.

Online Counselling

This service is almost the most beneficial nowadays. Get the online counseling for the period you need and become healthy.

Organise Your Visit

If you have problems that should be solved, just make an appointment. The first visit is absolutely free.

Organise Your Visit

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