Love is in the hair

We’re Roxxe. We take care of your hair reaching the maximum result!

178 West 27th Street, Suite 527,
New York NY 10012, United States
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Good hair
reflects your story and your spirit

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Gorgeous hair that enhances what you have – and says exactly what you want it to say about you: who can say fairer than that? 

Shop it all here – now neither you nor your hair will ever fall flat on your face again.

Why us

Have your stylish look today

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quality services

We provide the gorgeous services

Our award-winning stylists will take care of your hair, make the perfect haircut and advise you the best healing therapy!

Step in, sit, relax. Be beautiful!

We`ll take care of everything and leave your feeling fabulous.


Don’t take our word for it —

hear what our customers are saying

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