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We always appreciate a good nail art tutorial—and this one by polish professional Madeline Poole does not disappoint! Her instructions are clear and the results are clean and creative. Not to mention, this fabulous manicure is the perfect accessory to show off this weekend!

Paris is a dream of many girls that imagine they are walking down the Montmartre looking fancy and elegant. Everyone knows that France is the motherland of an essential part of the universe of the greatest fashion giants. They are the ones who do make the fashion world go round and dictate the whole world what Fashion is. So-called “French style” of dressing and styling one’s looks is a lot discussed and turned to. French ladies are well-known for their unique and chic style of dressing. Their sense of style is very recognizable as well as their look whatever they wear. What is their secret and charm? For us, non-French, there are several tips how to catch that style and which details to add to entire image to look like a real French lady.

Whenever you are trying to go for a brand new type of a hairdo, consider these few crucial tips…Matthew Spencer

You will never see a French girl looking bold and extravagant – these are the antonyms for the French style. Instead, French women give preference to an earthy and neutral color palette, comprising beige, white, cream, black, etc. This, however, doesn’t mean that French women don’t like bright hues.

Especially more frequently met bright shade in the wardrobe of a French lady is red. In the modern world, French women tend to go bolder, which means experimenting with new patterns and vibrant hues

  • Pixie
  • Bob
    • Pixie
    • Bob
  • Long Bob
  • Assymmetrical Undercut
  • Flared Bob

Still, flashing lots of skin, going too short and too exposed is surely not a good idea, if you really want to look like a real French lady.
So here were the main fashion tips and ways that might help you have an insight into the “French style” being one of the most suitable gateways to absolute and timeless chic. Last but not least, always remember to watch you behavior, ways of talking, walking and sitting, if you really want to be a high-class French lady, ready to capture the hearts of all the men around!


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