Welcome to E-Book Family Store

We are a family company who started in 2005 with a simple idea: to make reading popular and available for everyone.
We have created a company that is difficult to compare with traditional online stores. The books we are choosing for our readers only with the product of the design, employees are the best of the best, we have a home office, skype, and meetings in a cafe. For 19 years, we have become one of the largest online stores in the country. We do not change our principles and continue to feel awe when we pick up a book.

Our goals and achievements

We have a plan. We choose a book which read thousands of people. During the reading, they change themselves and change the world around them. That is why we select books accurately and promote them like crazy.
We are different, but each of us feels responsibility. What kind of business makes our life better, or what to read. We care what you do after you read our book.