My name is Yoha and I was trying to find a way how to capture moments which I experience in my life. I have found it in photography.




You can watch the best moments of my personal life and the lives of other people in this block.

I like to focus on the details that I show in a non-standard way using a large number of bright colors.


Pay attention to my fashion photography block. Here I like to focus on the details of the model look and accessories.

The central idea of this kind of shooting is to show the importance of details which are sometimes invisible.


I also really like working with other creative photographers in collaboration. Look at our common pictures.

I was focused on various types of shooting: people, landscapes, portraits, compositions and much more. Each photo contains huge color variations and saturation.


I am a creative photographer and I love to look at ordinary things outside the box.

I have been working in photography for over 10 years and during this time I created my own individual style of how to take a picture.

I’m a big fan of collaborating with other photographers. This inspires me to come up with new photo ideas. I have worked with famous photographers in Europe and Asia and if you feel that you are also a creative artist, model or cameraman – I will be glad to work together with you. Use my phone or contact mail to contact me. I will be grateful if you also pre-sent samples of your photos. Let’s work for oeuvre.

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