4M Tractor – 140 to 175 hp

Diesel units have an increased power, much more longevity and are easier to maintain. The diesel engine’s fuel injection system eliminates the need for tune-ups and spark plugs, and the unit generally works longer. “

Sugar Harvester Tractor BB2

While usually the 4 and 2 wheel-drives go together in farming, sometimes you have to think twice about which specific option will be better for your operation.

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Thus, if the vehicle does not need to be an all-terrain and will be carrying just a little bit of cargo like a bale of hay or a few sacks of feed, then the 2-wheel drive is the most optimal option. ”

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The standard range of the horsepower for the UTEs is between 10 and 20… Generally speaking, the more you intend to do with your ute, the more horsepower you’ll need.