Who We Are

Welcome to GoHealth!
We've been providing rehab therapy
for seniors for years…

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We offer a unique level of care – a highly specialized, medically supervised and carefully coordinated program that improves a patient’s health, function, mobility, and independence. This includes restoring the skills and abilities to perform daily tasks, such as bathing, dressing, and eating.

Rehabilitation hospitals and units prepare patients to successfully return to home, work, school, and community activities.

Core values


We put integrity first in every sense of the word. From everyday details, such as listening and following through on simple requests, to larger aspects – we’re committed to improving the lives of each person we serve and employ.


During stressful times of transition, we take on the burden and bridge the gap from hospital to home. At every level, we devote ourselves to the care and comfort of our residents and strive to exceed their expectations.

We recognize that people are our most
valuable asset.


We are approachable, compassionate, and welcoming. We take the time to initiate a conversation and foster a culture of respect and trust. We are only as strong as the relationships we build.

We have the best specialists

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Brandon Russell

A healthcare provider who evaluates and treats rehabilitation patients. The team leader.

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Theresa Watson
Rehabilitation nurse

A nurse who specializes in medical care and prevention of complications.

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Wade Mccoy
Occupational therapist

A therapist who helps restore function for patients with problems related to ADLs.

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Leslie Williamson

A counselor who conducts cognitive (thinking and learning) assessments of the patient.

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Darrell Murphy
Respiratory therapist

A therapist who helps treat and restore function for patients with airway and breathing problems.