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How often should the pool water be changed?

With the normal operation of the filtration equipment and the correct use of water care products, the quality of the water in the pool should not deteriorate. And practically the water is changed once a year.

Is ventilation necessary or is a dehumidifier sufficient?

The pool dehumidifier does not remove odors or supply fresh air. Therefore, most often dehumidifiers are used as an addition to ventilation. An air dehumidifier can significantly save energy for heating fresh air, especially in winter, as it does not throw moist warm air outside, but returns it back to the room.

What to do if the water in the pool has a rusty tint?

Most likely the reason is the high content of dissolved ferrous iron in the water. When oxidized, iron becomes trivalent and we observe it in the form of rust.

What does pool maintenance mean?

Maintenance of pools, one of the activities of our company.
The very concept of pool maintenance includes many different activities. Such works include regular water analysis and maintenance of its quality, cleaning and repairing the pool bowl, replacing the filter filler, setting up automatic water treatment systems … In general, this is any work related to maintaining the technological systems of the pool in working condition and water quality – comfortable for bathing.

Which pool to choose during construction?

It is up to you to decide which type of pool to install, but if construction conditions and budget allow you, then it is better, of course, to opt for an overflow pool.

Can I choose the equipment for the pool myself?

Theoretically, it is possible to choose the equipment for your pool on your own, but in this case, you should be prepared to face a number of serious problems. It is much easier to turn to specialists who will do it for you.
Properly calculated and installed equipment is the key to a long and flawless operation of your pool.

How is the pool water heated?

There are, of course, many possibilities and solutions for heating the water in your pool. However, heating the pool water with a heat exchanger connected to your home’s central heating system is the most efficient and resource-saving way.

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