Rehabilitation Therapy

Working with married couples/pairs in a severe crisis, which threatens the stability of their relationship, is a big challenge for therapists primarily for the reason that arguing partners. A woman and a man experiencing a crisis in their relationship fear abandonment and undertake many desperate and unsuccessful attempts to save and improve the relationship on one hand, and on the other, they tend to shift the blame for the crisis on the partner and at the same time expect that the therapist will help them by taking the role of an ally, solicitor, advocate or judge.

Yet, our specialists know how to help you.

How It Works

Generally speaking, the marriage/couples therapy is a help for the partners remaining in a difficult, conflicting, and critical relation preventing from obtaining closer intimacy and greater satisfaction in being together. So, instead of proposing a married couple in the middle of a divorce a marriage therapy, the therapist should undertake a divorce mediation suggesting rather the new organization of life than staying in a realm of feelings.

The main objectives of marital/couples therapy can be defined as:
• a support of marriage/couple in identifying sources of conflict;
• a help to each partner in determining their own participation in the conflict;
• a help in realisation of the mutual expectations;
• a help in defining the rules of functioning of a relationship, fulfilling roles, defining the limits of internal boundaries (individual) and external boundaries (separating the relationship from the rest of the world);
• an improvement in mutual verbal communication (to avoid further misunderstandings) and nonverbal communication (to make it easier and more clearly to express feelings);
• an assistance in constructive conflict resolution;
• a help in deciding whether to continue the relationship or to part (note: the responsibility for this decision lies exclusively within the spouses/partners).

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