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The cost of work in our studio is calculated based on the time spent on work. We break up big jobs into sessions, lasting 4 hours. The cost of sessions varies depending on the master.
The cost of small works is discussed individually. For large jobs (more than 3 sessions) there are discounts.
  • The minimum cost of a session (up to half an hour) $40.00
  • Minimum cost of a session (1 hour) $52.00

The cost of a tattoo depends on several factors:

All this is negotiated in personal consultation with the master. It determines how long it will take for your sketch and the total cost of the tattoo.


No professional tattoo artist will tell you how much it costs to get a tattoo, focusing only on the size of the desired tattoo. Different images require a different approach and time. To determine the cost, in addition to the size of the tattoo, you need to know all the other details of the work. For example, on which part of the body you plan to apply a tattoo. There are more difficult places in the work of a tattoo artist, which require more time to apply a drawing.

The cost of tattoos of the same size, but different in style, may differ in cost several times. You will be told this in any salon in St. Petersburg, however, in other cities. So, filling a color image in the style of realism is a long painstaking work that requires a lot of attention to details and shades. Tattoos in the style of minimalism do not require drawing every inch of skin. Done faster and may cost less.


You can select the master for the presented works.

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The cost of work is calculated separately for each sketch.

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