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Fresh, handcrafted bread and treats. Quality, carefully sourced ingredients. Friends and family. Passion and curiosity. We’re up at the crack of dawn so our bakeries smell like Mom’s kitchen.

Literally, a great place to work.

A unique company where the best bakery traditions are organically combined with wholesale bread production. We make real bread on an industrial scale from natural products and exclusively by hand.

We basically bake bread without chemistry, using only the best ingredients and natural dyes.

We are always open to the wishes of customers and make bread of almost any kind, shape and color.
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Opening positions

Retail baker

You can order products for your business from us. We will gladly help to implement your brand recipe.
Fresh baguettes
Cupcakes, maffins
Croissants, buns

Retail sales assosiate

We are proud of our bread and provide samples of products for sampling absolutely free.

The size of the minimum and maximum order is not limited.
Always available
Different fillings
Branded packaging


We are professionals and make bread for professionals.
Large assortment
Branded recipes
24/7 delivery
Fresh pastries only
our features

Bake with soul and love for 11 years


Natural ingredients

Stunning bread, when baking which we use starter, flour of the highest quality and the art of baking

Home production

We use only natural ingredients, create our pastries only by hand.

Traditional recipes

Only recipes tested by time. You can be sure of the quality of our products.

Variety of flavors

You can choose 45 types of bread, 16 types of croissants, buns and cakes, large and small portions.

Care for nature

Only environmentally friendly production - we take care of the environment and use paper packaging.

Home comfort

Book and use family time - we will do all the work for you. We'll bring it to the address you provided.

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T-F: 7am – 5pm
S-Su: 8am – 3pm
178 West 27th Street,
Suite 527, New York NY,
United States
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