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How to store properly?


1. How to properly use cannabis for medical purposes.

The unhindered use of marijuana for medicinal purposes is one of the main arguments in favor of legalise. The store does not promote drugs and does not approve of illegal use of psychoactive substances under the pretext of health care. We publish this article solely for cognitive purposes and rely on the prudence of our esteemed readers. Finally, we recall that even in countries of legaliza, medical marijuana is used only by appointment and under the constant supervision of a doctor.

Active substances contained in hemp inflorescences and leaves, which scientists have dubbed cannabinoids, reveal a wide range of therapeutic properties.

      For the treatment of stress
      To reduce anxiety
      To get rid of obsessive thoughts

Use for medical purposes is possible only for indications and under constant medical supervision. In addition, in countries where the medical use of cannabis is allowed, the selection of varieties for patients is carried out exclusively by canna therapists.

2. Diseases that treat marijuana.

The use of medical marijuana objectively improves the quality of life in many painful conditions that occur against the background of persistent nausea and pronounced pain syndrome – for example, in antiretroviral therapy of HIV infection and in migraines.

Inhalation of cannabis vapors reduces the intensity of painful sensations with migraine and tension headache by almost half. The relaxing effect of the index also helps to cope with pain, anxiety and stress without using strong painkillers like opiates and benzodiazepines.

Far from all cannabis is suitable for treatment. To achieve a stable therapeutic effect, the content of active components in the cones and leaves of the plant must be constant, therefore, medical hemp varieties are grown with strict control of the microclimate and soil parameters.

Even the most beautiful variety will not go for the future if you use medicinal marijuana in the same way as recreational.

Adam Smith

Adam Smith

Talking about the therapeutic potential of marijuana and how to integrate medical marijuana into society, we do not agitate fellow citizens to be treated with weed, ignoring the recommendations of doctors.

Phytotherapy is excellent as an additional remedy, but cannot replace the main treatment, and information about the healing properties of hemp has not yet been sufficiently studied.

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