Jura Origin 10 Year Old Whisky, 70 cl


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Something of a cult legend in Ireland, Redbreast Single Pot Still Whiskey is quickly achieving the same elusive status in the U.S. To be a single pot still whiskey, malted barley is combined with un-malted barley. It was a very traditional method of making whiskey in Ireland and although it is no longer common, Redbreast is keeping the tradition alive.

Prominent vanilla layered around Bananas Foster, drizzled with wild honey & freshly picked apples. The palate adds more vanilla with a velvety, whipped spice creaminess, rich and layered on the tongue. The finish is moderate to long for this full-bodied dram with subtle citrus notes followed by dark caramel & more vanilla.

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46 % Vol


New oak


Serve neat at room temperature ideally with a few drops of mineral water

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    I’d like to commend a very nice and competent Customer Service! They helped me to select the wine and gave a few tips of buying alcohol!

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    I ordered quite a large party of different beverages for my bar and I was surprised that I was provided with a discount as a wholesale client! Many thanks!

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