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Feel the Taste
of Coffee
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Feel the Taste
of Coffee

about us

Try the Best Coffee
in the City

We want that you feel deliciousness only experienced at local
roasteries with a vibe that only an old building can deliver.

We know you’re ready, like we were, to have at your fingertips what we’ve
only been able to experience when traveling to other cities.
We longed to have a place to “be” right here in our city, that exuded the cool
vibes of our city and other cities that have embraced the remnants of their


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Time to bring home the best of the coffee and tea experiences we’ve enjoyed at independent roasteries and cafes all over the world. We wanted -needed- a “third place” coffee & tea experience locally. We couldn’t find it here so we created it. Here. Within our old brick walls. Under our massive, exposed beams. Right here.


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