Frequently asked questions

I order incorrectly, am i able to change the item?
Unfortunately we are unable to make any item changes to orders once the order has been placed. Alternatively, we may cancel the order if the package has not yet begun processing with our shipping department. Please note that once the package has begun processing, the order will no longer be able to be canceled as the package is being prepped for shipment.
Can I cancel my order?
We are only able to cancel orders before the order has begun processing with our shipping department. Once an order has been processed for shipment, the order is no longer able to be canceled/refunded. If necessary you may refuse the package at time of delivery.
My order was shipped to the wrong address?
If you have confirmed that the shipping address listed on your order is invalid/incorrect, you may contact USPS to arrange mail-forwarding, or to arrange pick-up at your local post office. Alternatively, if the order’s tracking history shows that the courier returned your package to the original sender, we will be able to make the necessary adjustments to your order once it is received back at our facility. Please contact us.
An item is missing/incorrect?
Upon reviewing the email, we will send you a prepaid return label at no charge to you to return to item back to us in exchange for the correct product. Please send this information to our e-mail address.
Applicable tank
QF coil & SK ccell coil
All the Skrr series tank
GT coil & GT ccell coil
All the NRG, Cascade and Skrr series tank
Euc coil
Not all the EUC traditional and ceramic coils are compatible with every device. Please refer to attached screenshot to buy it.
Please note

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