Hand built
in the UK since 1983

Our main task is to make you happy. And for this we try to create the most comfortable conditions for the selection, purchase, transportation, installation, as well as further operation of furniture.
And also – we understand you well. Choosing furniture for your home is always difficult, because you need to take into account so many factors.
Since 1983 we've been redefining how commercial and hospitality interiors work, introducing collections of high-quality furniture that bear all the hallmarks of British design and craftsmanship, beautifully refined and sartorially detailed.
As architects of objects, our interpretation of value begins with craftsmanship. We carefully consider detail.
Each design is a living representation of the time and application of skills that’s involved in making. Resident places human needs and desires at the centre of it all. Our collective understanding is that an object should improve the everyday.
Boss atHome is the natural evolution for us, we want to provide quality, design led furniture to people who appreciate the difference.
Designed and made in the UK.

Loft Style Furniture

Have you wanted to create a unique modern interior for a long time, but at the same time you want to maintain elegant minimalism, provide free space for a comfortable life?
Authentic loft furniture is the best choice for such an ambitious task. Simple lines of furniture loft leave a feeling of lightness, maximum airiness, do not overload the general view of the room.

Buying Furniture is Easy

Have you ever wondered about the opportunity to furnish your house with stylish and high-quality furniture without spending too much time and money on it? For most of us, such a task is always associated with long troubles associated with numerous visits to salons and hypermarkets, analysis of offers, search for discounts and promotions that allow saving, and other unpleasant procedures.


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