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Serving the Needs of Children & Their Families

Who we are

Hello! We are a volunteer organization that helps children and their families fight illnesses

Our kids are very talented and smart, kind fidgets who want to live healthy and fun! Every day of their lives is like a struggle. This is a fight against illness.
We help families not to be alone with their misery, isolated from society. Thanks to such meetings, at which our volunteers pay special attention to children, parents have the opportunity to gain new knowledge, make new friends, get useful advice on children’s health and improve their psychological mood.
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What thinking our kids?

Our Philosophy

If one or two friendly words can make a person happy, you need to be a scoundrel to refuse him this. People, feel free to say kind words – it’s so nice.
Mark Smith, 4 years old
If everyone does good within the limits of their abilities, the possibilities of good will become limitless.
Anna Doe, 5 years old
Our handmade products

You can purchase any product or order a gift for you.

Our handmade products

You want to do good deeds with us, but you don't know where to start?

Sponser a Child

You can provide material support by directing funds to good deeds and supporting local fund projects. You can also help spread information about our fund.

Humanitarian Aid

Transfer clothing, shoes, stationery, cleaning and hygiene products, toys, board games, books, DVDs, etc. You can be sure that your help will come to whoever needs it.

Volunteer with Us

Take part in trips to boarding schools, as well as become a participant in other projects that the fund implements.

Partner with Us

If you have golden hands, talent, you have interesting knowledge and experience, love your profession or adore your hobby and are ready to share your skills with our small wards - you can hold a master class, training, lecture or seminar.

Become a student

When People Help People, Change Happens


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