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Donate Old Clothes

Yeah, we know that this one is not very much related to getting or buying new clothing and any respective tips on that. But it is important to remember that our life should not be just about taking, it should also be about giving. This way, while the charity as...

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Combine Sales and Coupons

This might seem a little bit too obvious and out there, but actually using some big stash of coupons (of course, after collecting them all patiently), will make the overall enormous budget of equipping a kids a less cost-depressive experience. Eventually, the coupons will play out to be a…Here we’re...

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Do a Clothing Swap

While not always one size will fit them all, still very often kids of the same age and stature will be able to swap each other’s clothing for good. Just imagine, how much money would you be eventually able to save by undertaking this bold move with yor fellow parents?...


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