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one of the biggest brands for unique people
Craftekko is one of the biggest brands where unique people around the world connect, both online and offline, to make, sell and buy goods which are just as unique as them… What makes the Craftekko so special is our global community. It consists of both the creative brands who use Craftekko as a platform to sell their handmade items and accessories at, as well as the shoppers, who are looking for things they can’t find anywhere else. At the end of the day, our in-house staff is that cement that brings this vibrant online community together!

Purchase unique items

  • Discover handmade items, unique accessories and craft supplies you can’t find anywhere else
  • See recommendations by our staff, tailored to a multitude of diverse tastes
  • Find showrooms, craft fairs and flea markets for offline handmade shopping

Sell creative items

  • Sign up for your own Craftekko shop—with just $0.20 USD and your imagination
  • Expand your creative business
  • Reach customers worldwide

Join a global community

  • Connect directly with buyers and sellers around the world
  • Join the Craftekko Team to collaborate with like-minded people
  • Learn the stories of prominent handmade items and accessories’ brands
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There are few reasons, why people choose our handmade e-store over everyone else

High quality

The majority of brands/sellers that are featured on our store rely on a following by a small group of fans. That is why they are the ones most interested in keeping the overall quality of each specific item and the materials as high and premium-grade, as possible!


The Craftekko store offers each unique person (& that's everyone of us) a rich choice of items where one can find absolutely anything. Just browse through our wide range of handmade items and accessories, categories and you will surely find some item that will be just as unique as you are!

Down-to-the ground prices

The prices that we recommend for our sellers are regarded as the most reasonable ones in the industry. Our sellers are very good at keeping the balance between valuing their hard work and item's uniqueness and keeping the prices down to the ground, making all our items nationwide affordable!

Unique accessories for
unique people

A handmade success

Craftekko was founded in 2011 in an apartment in Queens, New York by two friends who felt the need for a new, unique online community. A community where brands, artists and sellers can offer their handmade and vintage goods and accessories. In the spirit of handmade, founders Danny and Richard Boyle designed the first site, wrote the code and eventually launched the first beta version of the store…
We feel that our mission is to let the whole world discover the uniqueness of our range of items!

Diversity & quality

As one of the biggest handmade accessories retailer in the US we’re always concerned with two foremost things in our operations:
  • The top-notch quality for each of the products we sell here
  • The diversity of our handmade items to be as wide as possible

We're looking for talented staff

Apply here if you feel interested in working for our handmade items e-store!
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