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Virginia Green

“Jewelry is a special thing which makes your look accomplished and individual regardless of style.”
The story of this brand started more than twenty years ago, but hand made accessories are still popular and are number one for females.
Virginia Green

My Gallery


Stone Vase

Great as a unit for flowers in the flat


Book Holder

The minimalist set which consists of the red vase and a book holder is great for living room


Red and Blue Kit

Red and dark blue vases performed with the thin glass are a nice choice for flowers as simple decoration


Simple unit

Made of metal material this unit will be perfect for table


One-time pad

Created for quick notes and simple lists

Latest Events

September 16, 2019. 13.00 PM
Simple Interior Master Class From Virginia Green
Are you dreaming about exclusive interior made by your own? Hurry up to register to this unique event and fill the form. This month only.
November 03, 2019. 09.00 aM
Flower Applique as a Kind of Hobby with Thomas Brown
Create beautiful pictures, stickers or interior elements with old flowers from your sweet events. Only new techniques and eco-materials.
September 30, 2019. 17.00 PM
Flower Composition as a Simple Decor Element
We are going to learn how to choose flowers for your interior design. How to mix modern and classic, old fashion and trends. Two days meeting.

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