Nepal trip. it’s just amazing

The intense raspberry flavor of this jam makes it a longtime favorite. Warming the sugar beforehand keeps the jam boiling evenly and ensures success. Melt-in-your-mouth classic jam thumbprint cake, Grandma’s Perfect Raspberries cake, filled with both raspberry and strawberry jam, and perfect in every way—just the way Grandma made. All the waterfalls, hot springs, glaciers and beaches looked incredible and we wanted to see as much as possible in just under a week. But we were having a hard time figuring out how to connect

1. Before you start your trip

Book your rental gear and a rental car before your trip begins. And don’t forget travel insurance! Picking a policy that covers your rental car is often cheaper than buying a separate policy through the rental company. Also, one of the best ways travel in Iceland is in a camper van. . Out of all the camper van companies out there, we like Happy Campers the best. They are a family run company providing excellent vehicles with all the gear you need for an epic road trip in Iceland.

2. Iceland ring road itinerary

Get your rental car (or camper van) and camping gear and head north of Reykjavik for some stunning views and set up camp on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. Everyone flies into Keflavik International Airport (REK) so this is where your journey will begin.

2. 1. Gear up and drive to Snaefellsnes Penisula

Get your rental car (or camper van) and camping gear and head north of Reykjavik for some stunning views and set up camp on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula.
  • If you’re not doing a campervan, be sure to check;
  • A 45-minute drive north on Highway 41 will take you to Reykjavik;
    • you can stock up on groceries;
    • pick up your camping equipment;
    • do a little exploring;
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Note: Iceland’s natural landscape is beyond beautiful and you’ll want to stop for pictures around every curve. Our rule of thumb was for every hour of driving, add at least 10 more minutes for photo ops.

3.Snaefelsnes Peninsula

Make your way northwest of Reykjavik to Snaefellsnes Peninsula for some pretty incredible views of giant mountains and remote lakes. If you have time, you can drive Highway 54 around the whole peninsula.But if you are like us and you didn’t get out of Reykjavik until 4:30pm, you can cut through the peninsula.
Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain. The most beautiful in the world is, of course, the world itself. by ADAM SMITH
Where to stay: We camped our first night in the town of Grundarfjörður at the local campground. It was nothing too fancy; just a flat grassy area with a toilet and sink for dishes. 

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