We started in a wash room and conquered the world

And in-between, we have scored big and also, sometimes, struggled to reach our goals. We have done our best for the best. We have improved and grown. Looking ahead to the future, always remembering where we came from. This is our story.

Way from the grocery counter to the European restaurant

We started as a team of only two people. We sell products at a grocery counter. All we had were passion and the pockets full of hopes. Soon we came up with the idea that we can give the world something bigger. Something unique.

One man's brilliant idea. Founder story

My dad used to say that a happy man is a full man. When I figured out that people in my hometown felt a lack of joy and satisfaction, I felt the need to change it. I did it in my own way. Since then ambitions are only growing.
My main belief in life is that food can completely change a person's life. Moreover, after a good dinner, one can forgive anybody, even one's own relations.
Tony Greens

Way to success. All steps to a good result

Ten years of delicate work and the results speak louder than any words. What we have now we’ve achieved with our customers.


Both successful and failed attempts on creating a concept and finding a place for a restaurant. First menu, first clients.


We have been working hard to find our own style and identity. Even years ago we knew that the concept should be solid. People started to tell their friends about our restaurant.


From one restaurant we grew to five ones! At last, we became a famous Europian restaurant.


The key to success was found. Love what you do.

How the interior of our restaurant has changed

interior of our restaurant 1
We started from plane and solid oak tables in the retro style and traveling thematics
The negligent interior in the boho style was quite up to the latest trends of 2000s
An adapted contemporary and stylish interior with a lot of light and smooth surfaces

Design idea. And why retro.

Since childhood, I’ve always been om old movies and westerns. I could listen to Johny Cash for hours. That is why I decided to make my restaurant in the retro style. I thought it might be very cozy and stylish at the same time.

All about food and what fed the visitors

Signature dish 2001 "Sneki-Ness"
Signature dish 2001 "Sneki-Ness"

The first menu consisted of quick snacks and cold drinks

As we were just a couple of young boys, we couldn’t figure out something more gourmet. We decided to sell quick snacks like chips or hamburgers. Paired with coca-cola.
Signature pizza from the chef 2010 "Aphrodite"
Signature pizza from the chef 2010 "Aphrodite"

Change of direction. Family cafe-pizzeria.

A few years later we decided to become a pizzeria. The demand was huge and we become well known. Our visitors were families with children, teenagers, and their folks.
First pasta served in 2012.
First pasta served in 2012.

Big breakthrough. European dishes.

However, our ambitions have lead us to something bigger. We become a fashionable and solid Europian restaurant.

We became a famous European restaurant and began to write about us

We started selling quick snacks and drinks
Cold drinks and quick snacks! This mix sounds ordinary, but look at the performance! These guys know what they do and soon we will hear about them!...
Change of direction. Family cafe-pizzeria.
La Minor decided to become a family restaurant and is now selling pizzas and stakes. Couples from all over the city come here to have a good...
Big breakthrough for us. European dishes.
A path to success. One of the best up-and-coming restaurants La Minor has been selling fast food a few years ago and look where they are now!...