Since reforming for a specially curated Flesh festival in 1996 the band have been industrious in their reactivation. Laying the groundwork for the Citizen Zombie recording sessions the band toured key international festivals and played numerous gigs across the world


In 2000 saw the first in a long line of reissues, beginning with Be The Only One, a collection of early experiments ‘the teenage Band Group album’, a compilation of session tracks, unreleased songs and alternative versions recovered from obscurity and equated to a ‘Best lost album’.


In February of 2003 the band resumed a comprehensive reissue programme with the rerelease of their second studio album. As part of a special event at Progressive fest, the writer and cultural theorist Ben Allert, along with the writer, theorist and filmmaker Tomas Jackson co-chaired a discussion with Emmy Whatson and Dan Li on the impact and legacy of the album.


In October 2016 The Band opened another chapter in an era when their iconoclastic contention is needed now more than ever. Place Me At The First was a record that found the band unwaveringly incensed and resolute in their mutative sense of innovation, a work which Wincent intended as: ‘a stand against manufactured hate, a hypersonic journey into a dystopian future full of egoists’


The album which was released in august 2009 with the legendary record label BNG and was critically acclaimed: “The best album of the band” (The Music Times), “An immediate charmfull album” (BandGang), “You mast hear it” (World of Songs), “New album boom the music world” (Musicarly), ”The time to dance” (Full Funk), etc.


Among the 2014 year the group launched four new best track which took places in all top charts:

  • My arrabican man
  • The Moon is your top
  • Boom the area
  • The monster is yours

Now they premiere their new one album in Germany at the Berlin Stadium. And now they are preparing for their first Europe tour which includes performances in Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Romania and Ukraine.