I`m Cody Miles.

I am an experience freelance graphic designer based in Nwy York, USA. I have worked in the creative industry for over fifteen years, starting out in publishing (working on magazines and newspapers ) before moving into design agency work.

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My services

Ways I can help you

Design (UX/UI)

Give me a site, an app or a task that needs solving from a user experience perspective. This is where I feel most at home.

Brand identity

I can create your own brand and make it special as much as it possible.

iOS/Android apps

It doesn’t matter what type of apps do you want, because I work with both IOS and Android

My recent work


From my clients


Francisco Cooper

Co-founder & CEO

“I have chosen the Cody Miles 5 years ago and I’am still working with him. This guy knows how to make my apps look perfect on any OS whether it is IOS or Android. They are designed well and are worth your attention. ”


Co-founder & CEO

“Catch my recommendation about Codi Miles and use his services. This is agreat possibility to make a new product. .”


Co-founder & CEO

“I was always dreaming about my own brand but didn’t know where to get it. Codi Miles became my way to make up a fascinating brand.”


Co-founder & CEO

“I am fond of different icons and Codi Miles helped me to develope a worthwhile thing and create a full pack of icons. Each icon is unique ebough and high-quality. Don’t hesitate if you want to use his services. .”
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If you want ot start workong with me then don’t be shy to write me an email. I wall help you with a pleasure and also you will get a free first consultation. We can develop any crazy idea you have and make the dreams true.