About Restaurant

In addition to traditional European and French cuisine, the restaurant is ready to offer you a lot of amazing exclusive culinary masterpieces.
Unique recipes in our menu are developed by a team of chefs. You will find not only exquisite dishes, high-quality wines, but also a pleasant atmosphere.
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Since 2001

We offer people an easy way to eat healthy food
Our restaurant was one of the first to create a cult of European cuisine, and today continues the traditions of European and Italian gastronomy in an interesting, modern serving.
The new interior of the restaurant, after reconstruction, creates a real Italian atmosphere. A modern, bright, green-drowning restaurant offers its guests everything that is in Italy at every turn – wild fish and seafood in the showcase and in the aquarium, meat, a large selection of pasta dishes, pizza and, of course, traditional Italian desserts.


Every day we provide gastronomic pleasure in the cozy atmosphere of our restaurants to win the hearts of the guests.
We want to change for the better every day: