Better hearing leads to a better life

We know that hearing well means living a better life, enjoying all the wonderful things of everyday life and improving relations with family, friends, work and the environment as a whole.
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Comprehensive diagnosis will show if you have hearing disorders. When the first symptoms of the disease appear, contact the medical center for help. At the initial examination, the ENT doctor will conduct an examination and otoscopy.

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We take charge with 24/7 alarm response

Provide quality service to everyone

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Create a personalized and caring environment

Tailored security that's as unique as your home

Our diplomas and certificates

Our specialists constantly improve their qualifications. We will do everything to ensure that you receive exceptional quality services.
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A team built for your hearing care

Only the best professionals with experience
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Wade Warren

Audiologist & CI Specialist

Surdologist of the highest category. Certified physician in pediatric otolaryngology.

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Esther Howard

Audiologist & Speech and Language Pathologist

Organizer, speaker, participant of numerous international and national seminars and conferences on hearing aid.

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Brooklyn Simmons

Clinical Audiologist & Vestibular Specialist

Specializes in hardware and computer diagnostics of hearing in children and adults.

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Leslie Alexander

Administrative Assistant

Specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of conductive and sensoneural hearing loss.

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Robert Fox

SLP Assistant

Leading expert in pediatric and adult otolaryngology, surdology and hearing therapy.

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Kristin Watson

Audiologist & CI Specialist

Specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory diseases of organ lore.

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Cody Fisher

SLP Assistant

Specializes in hardware and computer diagnostics of hearing in children and adults.

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Savannah Nguyen

Language Pathologist

Specializes in the selection and adjustment of hearing aids.

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