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Hunting is always very exciting and unique, especially using an experienced and intelligent dog. The most suitable breed of dog for hunting is considered the one that skillfully serves prey.

01. The Rules

We are accustomed to the fact that every year the rules of hunting change slightly. Therefore, we constantly monitor updates.

02. Safety Guidelines

Significant changes are associated with hunting safety. You may have noticed an increasing number of hunting accidents from year to year.

We are dedicated to what we do

There is something unique that attracts us so much in the hunt. Every time we look forward to the next hunt.

small animals

Hunting can be carried out not only with the help of weapons, but also with traps.

Medium animals

This type of hunting is the most desirable, but at the same time, its organization is quite difficult.

large animals

The most difficult and dangerous hunting, while very interesting.


the most Popular places

Our coaches and huntsmen tried their best and made the list of the best places for hunting.
If you are an experienced hunter and have discovered a place that should be added to this list, contact us and we will gladly put it on our site.

Let`s hunt

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