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Visiting Europe? Welcome to a continent that’s rich in history and modern charisma. Whether you’re traveling solo, with family, or friends, Europe offers countless opportunities to mesmerize you. There are endless experiences, and TopTravel has just the right vacation packages to make it a trip you’ll never forget.
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Europe vacation deals

Top travel destinations in Europe

Don’t miss Paris

More than a place, Paris is an experience. Immerse yourself in its food, culture, fashion, architecture, and of course, its world-class museums.

Take a break in Barcelona

The cosmopolitan feel and bohemian vibe are enhanced by the city’s surreal art and architecture, eclectic street markets and exquisite food.

Stop over at Amsterdam

Tour the maze of canals, see the Holocaust through Anne Frank’s eyes, and soak up Van Gogh’s genius on a trip for travelers of all ages.

Get “wowed” by Vienna

From imperial palaces and musical masterpieces to a vibrant, contemporary present-day culture, the Austrian capital is a must-visit any time of the year.

Travel to Firenze

Tucked amid the Tuscan hills, Florence, Italy has renowned museums, stunning architecture, mouthwatering cuisine and Michelangelo’s David—need more be said?