We go the extra mile for You

Our commitment to your safety

We have created our taxi to help you find the most reliable and highest quality services anytime, anywhere. All our drivers are professionals with many years of driving experience.


Your security is our priority. We are working to make travel with us safer and more comfortable every day. After all, security has no borders. 

The application has built-in security features. For example, you can give your loved ones the ability to track your location on a map or quickly seek help in an emergency. * Stay in touch and feel safe.

24-hour support. Want to report an accident? You can get help around the clock right through the app.

Emergency assistance. The application has a built-in feature that allows you to contact local emergency services.

We provide services at the best prices. It’s really convenient and safe.

Fixed price

No surprises! You're the one who chooses the final price.

Wishes & services

Order a courier, a driver with a child car seat, and other services.

Insured rides

Each trip is insured for up to ₴1,000,000[*]


There’s more to love in the apps

Get more benefits, download the App

Order through the application and get a 15% discount

Fast booking - the car will arrive within 15 minutes after the confirmation of the order

Easy to use - you will easily deal with the application, even if you have never used it before on

Bonuses for ride - for each trip you get a cashback. Pleasant surprises to our regular customers

We are ready to take your call 24 hours, 7 days!