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Our SPA salon offers a skin care service for any occasion out there, providing you with the ultimate experience and the utmost relaxation…
The Stephania private medical clinic offers the widest possible range of skincare solutions for as wide a slate of patients’ cases as possible…


Besides providing regular face & body skin care and a range of other SPA services, we have a separate medical SPA range as well… All


Body Treatments

Treating your body with care and love is an essential way to stay looking young, to keep your skin radiantly fresh and healthy… Our specialists



Massages have always been a vital part of any essential SPA range of services… Besides providing a great stress relief and a profound level of



Waxing is a vital way to keep you skin elastic, clean and smooth… Our SPA & skin care salon has always focused on providing an


Facial Care

While everyone knows, that having a regular facial skin care session is vital for keeping up with your health and keeping your look fresh and


Feet Treatments/Pedicure

Taking a good care about your feet and nails is essential. We provide an ultimate, SPA induced services for refreshing your health and enhancing your

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Every now and then, visiting a beauty center is an essential thing for a woman to do… But if you worry about your skin’s health, then we’ll provide you with a professional advice.

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    There’s no topic more serious than the health of your skin! We are dedicated to helping your face, your body and you overall feel and look great, we’ll be more than glad to give you a pre-appointment, free consultation on it!

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