Originally founded by two brothers in the state of Maine, the Rentallo company outlived one of them (a proud death in a combat while on an Iraq war 2nd tour) and since then our farming vehicles rental venture moved to Dallas, TX…
The core values that our company always thrives to live by include integrity, hunger for constant gradual improvement and the affordability of our prices. Altogether, these 3 principles allowed us to become one of the most popular farming machinery rental outlet in the whole county of Dallas-Fort Worth…
More to that, we always keep track of the state of our vehicles, making sure that our monthly repair checkups and the bi-yearly maintenance and replacements plans are keeping all of our farming vehicles intact and in good working condition!
In our company’s development, we constantly move forward, leaving all our competitors behind, 5th gear on!
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John Greenmore

Chairman of the Board

John is one of the two brothers from the state of Maine, who initially founded this rental service.


Max Neffedy

Head of Infrastructure

Max takes full charge of inspecting all our hangars and warehouses areas.


Christian Bing

Stock manager

Christian is responsible for keeping up with all the fleet of our farming vehicles


Jack Wolf

Head of Customer Support

Jack is definitely our company's most universal soldier, held accountable for both the sales that he goes through on a daily basis