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We create a fun, relaxed and supportive environment where we teach the art of surfing including technical skills, awareness of the ocean and how to stay safe at the beach.
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Surfing is an occupation for any time of year. Even if the
weather becomes cool, it is quite possible to ride in a
wetsuit. And on sunny days, you need to remember
creams to protect the skin.
This is a great opportunity to learn to ride or improve your
skills, to immerse yourself in a completely different
atmosphere of another mainland, to communicate with
like-minded people.
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Welcome to our Club! We offer you a range of lessons and camps to choose from.

Surf training is a specialized program developed by a team of surfers, for those who are fond of skating on waves, or those who still dream of catching their first wave.
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The beautiful chaos of pipeline surfing for beginners

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Great locations

At our club you will find surf training, the most interesting
surf tours and camps around the world, thematic events,
fresh news, photos, videos, as well as you can get
acquainted with those who are passionate about the
ocean and wave skating!
We make it possible to achieve your dream and help go
forward in your passion!
Surfing is our life. We are constantly in search of amazing
places to conquer the waves! We invite you to the best of
Thank you to your team for excellent training! I recommend to everyone who wants to do surf, but does not know where to start.
Adam Sendler — California

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