Our story

For the last 20 years, we have developed a range of services targeting all types of surfers: high levels and beginners, women, children, tourists, parents or just beach lovers. We provide the best instructions in the world!
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Welcome to the surf club! You want to surf at one of the most famous surf points in the world? We created the best conditions for your rest!
Perhaps there is no better place for surfing, because we never end the season. We have developed dozens of spots of different levels for advanced surfers, but surfing for beginners is no less developed: for beginners there are good sandy beaches and spots with small gentle waves.
Therefore, if you want to surf, but do not know where to start, safely go to us. Surfing here has already become part of culture and you will certainly penetrate it, learn to catch a wave and discover a new world!

Our awesome team

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Mark Rufallo

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Andrew Carson

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Samantha Slimani

Surf teacher
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Leslie Alexander

Surf teacher
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Jenny Wilson

Boat skipper
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Kristin Watson

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When You can Learn from the Best!

At our club you will find surf training, the most interesting
surf tours and camps around the world, thematic events,
fresh news, photos, videos, as well as you can get
acquainted with those who are passionate about the
ocean and wave skating!
Surfing is our life. We are constantly in search of amazing
places to conquer the waves!

Mission, vision, values & strategic objectives

We wanted to open a surf camp for a long time and, finally, realized what we intended.
For many years, we have been constantly working and continue to work to improve the quality of training and service. After this year, I noticed that working has become more comfortable than ever before. Everyone in the Team is in their place and knows their business well. We all became real professionals.
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Thank you to your team for excellent training! I recommend to everyone who wants to do surf, but does not know where to start.
Adam Sendler — California

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