Our Practice

Every day I speak with patients who choose a clinic and I help orient them with the prices of our services.

Comprehensive Care

We take a series of photographs and X-rays, design a 3D prototype. Doctor will provide you with the treatment options step-by-step.

Emergency Dentistry

In the course of treatment we test every stage on our prototype for your safety, to save your time and to ensure the precision of the result.

Cosmetic Work

World standards and protocols of treatment, a personal manager and mobile application, additional services that ensure high-class service.

Oral Cancer Screening

All doctors-administrators have worked at the clinic for 12 years and more. The company record is 22 years. Even in 5 years you will come to us for treatment.

Oral Surgery

The entire staff of the clinic is fluent in English. We are actively teaching our employees the French language. The experience of our doctor sis structure around working.

Sleep Dentistry

Our clients, sitting in a dentist’schairinKyiv, receive dental care by those same standards as if you were in the best clinics in the center of Europe and the US.

TMJ Therapy

The quality of treatment is checked by the medical departments of embassies. There are 7 stages of sterilization of instruments at our clinic.


The equipment we use at our clinic is tested for its functionality after each appointment. All detachable elements and manual instruments are sterilized.

Paediatric Dentistry

We understand that the rhythm of life for active, purposeful people is changing, and it is important for us that the dental service meet that rhythm.

Tooth Whitening

We value the time and needs of our clients, the right to be guaranteed and the confidence that they are using the best dentistry solutions for their treatment.

Organise Your Visit

After our conversation, you will learn about the optimal variant of treatment, how much it will cost and together we choose your doctor.

Organise Your Visit

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