Emergency Dentistry

Just an hour – and you can get 3D diagnostics, a digital design of the future smile, oral hygiene. Changing the color, shape of your teeth, the appearance of your smile (whitening, inlays, onlays, veneers) in just a few hours is possible because of the full spectrum of digital CAD/CAM and 3D dentistry. You can have a one-stage implant in one visit or change the bite imperceptibly.

1. We save your smile even in the difficult cases.

We respect our customers and do not use outdated techniques such as a metal-ceramic crown or the treatment without anesthesia. We have implantation, atypical extraction, bone-added periodontal plastic surgery, sedation. CAD/CAM system CEREC, digital scanner, 3D printer, doctors trained in Germany.
Healthy teeth and a glowing smile require constant care and professional care. To keep your smile flawless and your teeth strong, regular dental checkups should be a good habit.

2. Full services.

The key to dental health is preventive dental checkups twice a year, regular home care and professional oral hygiene. Therefore, if the first alarming signs such as black spots on the teeth appear.
Remember – it’s much easier to fix an issue early on than it is to repair a lost tooth. For the brightest selfies, the most genuine emotions.
Our peice:
from $248

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For the brightest selfies, the most genuine emotions, the biggest dreams do not go without a smile. Wide, healthy, radiant. We know how to make your smile that way.

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