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To change the shape and appearance of your teeth, take away the diastema (gap between the teeth), make the smile white – all by virtue of cosmetic.

Dr. Amanda Smith

Principle Dentist & Boss Lady

If about 15 years ago the dentist was treated exclusively for treatment, today dentistry can be divided into its own medical and cosmetic. Although this division is rather conditional, cosmetic dentistry solves medical problems as well as dental treatment solves aesthetic problems, nevertheless cosmetic dentistry.
Our greatest joy is to see how our patients smile, bring positive and conquer new peaks. And we know how to help them.
Education: Straumann Certification (Switzerland)

Dr. George Brown

Dental Assistant/Nurse

The specialists of the clinic constantly improve their professional level and improve their knowledge. When you come to us, You entrust your health.
The health and well-being of our patients, dental care providers, and employees is our top priority. Our goal is to reopen gradually, starting with appointments.
Education: Training base hygienists CLUB

Dr. Julia Flowers

Dental Assistant/Nurse

Dental pain is real, and most dentists in practice were taught that the most effective way to alleviate severe pain was with opioid painkillers. That’s what I was taught during my dental school experience and my residency in pediatric dentistry.
During the early part of my career in dental education, I served as Dean for Clinical Affairs at the dental schools at Harvard University and the University.
Education: Audit – a clean clinic is safe for the patient

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