We try to make each of you feel the real taste of fresh and delicious pastries

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We try to Make Everyone Feel at Home

Fresh bakery

We start working in the morning so that you only get fresh pastries.

Delicious bakery

Only time-tested and your feedback recipes. We appreciate your taste!

Useful bakery

In all recipes, we use only high-quality ingredients. No dyes and margarine.

Products in our bakeries are prepared exclusively from natural products
Our bakery has great productivity, every day we are ready to offer you a wide range of pies, an abundance of confectionery, cakes, pies with various fillings.

Milk from
local farmers

We only work with local milk suppliers. This means that we get fresh and high-quality products for our baking every day. Baking made from natural products is stored less, but it is much tastier and more useful.
Only natural milk and dairy products, without margarine and food additives.

Eggs of the first

Also, without eggs, good baking, homemade ice cream, bezas, casseroles and cream will not work. But, of course, all of the above is made only from fresh quality eggs.
Since eggs are present in almost every recipe, we only take fresh ones. You can be sure you’re buying the best.
Flour of
the highest grade
Almost any of our products can be made to order (added or excluded any ingredient) at the request of our guest.

Our product quality is always on top


What are we Baking?

We produce pastries and confections “like at home” – without the addition of any preservatives, dyes; formula as close as possible to homemade pastries.

Where can One Buy?

Our bakery does everything on conscience therefore, often, for production of pies, pies, cakes or certain grades of cookies, it is necessary from several hours to several days.

Work with us?

If you are interested in working with us, you can leave an application on our website. We’ll get in touch and discuss all the details.

Handmade baked goods

Dough, fillings, cream we make ourselves. Therefore, you can order pies with a filling that is not on our website, pies to order of any size, as well as cake, capcakes and other desserts in individual design. We will also always offer you packaging for every taste.
Eat fresh bakery, the best way we know how
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