Attention to every detail

We pay attention to every detail in our work, from the purchase of raw materials to the mood of the buyer.

Each stage of work is strictly tested: only fresh and high-quality products, only modern and first-class equipment, only highly qualified personnel and only a satisfied and satisfied customer.


Quality ingredients are a guarantee of tasty and useful pastries. We use the freshest products from local producers.
Our pastries are great for any personal or individual event, holiday, event: holding a birthday in the office or at home or a children’s birthday at school and at home, catering service, wedding, coffee break, travel, picnic or just a walk.


We know how to make customers permanent! Delicious pastries are the key to your good mood. A loyalty program has been developed for our customers.
Stay with us, we still know what to surprise you!
We listen to every advice and recommendation
Baking cakes to order, a variety of cakes and capcakes, as well as kendi bars – in this we are professionals and real creators of art. Feel the taste of the present!