All products in our bakeries are handcrafted with homework, warmth and love

Bread is the head of everything

Bread is a popular dish all over the world. Many peoples have traditions, proverbs, sayings and even historical events associated with this product, because many wars began over fertile lands.

In addition, different peoples have their own type of bread, but one thing in common is that it is irreplaceable on any table, because bread is nourishing and healthy.

The production technology of our bread and pastries is based on the time-tested traditions of baking. The recipes used make it possible to manufacture products with excellent taste without the use of dyes, flavors, and flavor enhancers.


At home

Each of us loves family evenings, because these are warm hugs, cheerful laughter and sincere conversations. Gathering together strengthens family relationships and forget all bad things. The time spent with family and loved ones is the most important and valuable.
Many family holidays are not complete without ruddy pastries. Please yourself, your family and friends with a delicious pie, a freshly baked croissant or a crispy baguette from the Breadbasket, because you give them not only delicious pastries made from natural products, you give them love, health and joy.

We try to Make Everyone Feel at Home

Fresh bakery

We start working in the morning so that you only get fresh pastries.

Delicious bakery

Only time-tested and your feedback recipes. We appreciate your taste!

Useful bakery

In all recipes, we use only high-quality ingredients. No dyes and margarine.

Delicious and

It is the aroma of fresh pastries that makes your home especially cozy. We offer many options for every day, you will definitely find something to your liking!
Additionally, we offer recipes for vegans and advocates of proper nutrition.

to order

You can order on our website. Just leave your data in feedback form and we’ll call you back. The order will be delivered to the address at the specified time.
We recommend placing large orders in advance, because we will need more time to complete them.